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Dr. Joseph Maltese had his first Chiropractic experience after suffering through child asthema.


Hello! My name is Joseph Maltese and I value a natural preventative healthcare approach. I am originally from Queens, NY where I made frequent patient visits to a local Chiropractic office. As a child I suffered from chronic Asthma and was forced to take many medications to limit my symptoms. It was then that my parents decided to see what Chiropractic had to offer in helping my condition. After several chiropractic treatments I was asymptomatic and no longer had to rely on medication. After that, the foundation was set to become one of the most passionate and vocal Chiropractic Physicians in his graduating class.

I attended New York Chiropractic College from 2009-2012 where I was involved with many organizations such as after school clubs as well as a Teachers Assistance in several Manual Adjusting classes. As my knowledge about the human body increased I decided to obtain a Masters in Applied Clinical Nutrition while at NYCC. After practicing in Pennsylvania and New York as an associate, I finally had enough with the cold and moved down south!

The Clinical Nutrionist degree allows Dr. Maltese to incorporate health tips and advice to every patient in order to help speed up their recovery, increase their health and decrease their pain.  There are frequent occasions when the nutritional advice of Dr. Maltese has been the final piece of the puzzle to help patients break their pain cycle and begin their road to rehabilitation.

In 2016 I obtained his Crossfit Level -1 Certification, allowing me to have a greater understanding of the Crossfit's Methodology and Foundational Movements.  This has been a great tool to better understand and treat all patients, especially those who participate in their local boxes.


My skill set is proficient in full spine manual adjusting techniques including Gonstead and Diversified technique, Graston soft tissue technique. I thoroughly enjoy teaching patients and answering all of their questions about health.


Our Mission


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Treatment techniques

Dr. Maltese utilizes his knowledge of functional movement patterns as well as the most effective soft tissue techniques to increase performance and decrease injury

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